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Common problems of axial flow fan?

Column:Common problem Time:2017-03-19

Axial flow fan is the most commonly used ventilation and air supply equipment in the market at present. It is called "axial flow type" because the gas flows parallel to the fan axis, that is, the air flow in the same direction as the axis of the fan blade, such as electric fan. The fan outside the air conditioner is an axial flow fan. Axial flow fans are usually used in occasions with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements.

Compared with other types of fans, axial fans have obvious advantages and are also the characteristics of axial fans, which also makes axial fans more popular than other types of fans. Generally speaking, axial fans have the following characteristics:

1、 Simple structure, stable and reliable;

2、 Low noise and low noise pollution to people;

3、 It is easy to install. Generally, the volume of axial flow fan is not very large, there are not many installation materials, and the installation difficulty and strength are relatively low. It can be installed by general electricians and engineering construction personnel.

4、 The ventilation effect is obvious and safe. You can connect the air duct to send the air to the designated area.

It is the simplicity and safety of axial flow fans. Axial flow fans are preferred in general occasions when fans need to be installed. However, there are still some procedures to pay attention to for axial flow fans used in some large projects. Careful customers have also asked us a lot of questions. Here are two common questions to answer. You are also welcome to leave messages for us. We will answer typical questions publicly, Thank you for your attention!

Question 1: what are the requirements for the commissioning of axial flow fan?

Answer: 1. There should be no abnormality at all parts during startup; In case of any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for inspection, find out the cause and eliminate it;

2. When starting the blade, the current should not exceed the rated current value of the motor.

3. During operation, the fan shall not stay in the surge condition;

4. The normal working temperature of rolling bearing shall not be greater than 70 ℃, the instantaneous maximum temperature shall not be greater than 95 ℃, the temperature rise shall not exceed 55 ℃, and the normal working temperature of sliding bearing shall not be greater than 75 ℃.

5. The effective value of vibration speed of fan bearing shall not be greater than 6.3mm/s; The vibration value of the fan with the bearing box installed in the casing can be measured on the casing;

6. After the temperature rise of main bearing is stable, the continuous test run time shall not be less than 6h. After shutdown, check the tightness of pipeline and blade top clearance.

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