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BDF series forward multi wing belt drive explosion-proof fan

一、Fan model description

二、Meaning of explosion-proof sign

三、The common installation and transmission forms of fans are shown in the figure below:

四、Service conditions of fan:

1. The centrifugal fan for BDF series air conditioning unit can be used in dangerous places with explosive combustible gases in zone 1 ~ 2. The explosion-proof sign is exdiibt4gb, and various air conditioning units, cooling and heating units, hot air curtain, building ventilation and ventilation in various places with protective net cover.

2. The fan works continuously when the altitude does not exceed 1000m, the ambient temperature is - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, the relative humidity is ≤ 90%, and the motor current does not exceed the rated value.

3. The parameters in the nameplate of BDF series fans refer to the data under the standard air inlet state, which refers to the air state with atmospheric pressure P = 760mm Hg, temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity 50%.

4. BDF series fan is mainly composed of flameproof motor, frame, volute, impeller and shaft assembly, air inlet, V-belt pulley, anti-static triangular belt and other components.

5. The casing adopts undercut process and is equipped with omni-directional seat or frame structure, which can meet the installation requirements of 0 ° 90 ° 180 ° and other directions; The impeller adopts advanced roll riveting technology and has been strictly verified by dynamic balance; The fan has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, light weight, compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, good explosion-proof effect and so on.

6. When ordering, please indicate the fan model, installation form, flow and pressure, whether it is galvanized sheet, whether it is equipped with air outlet flange and other special requirements.