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Wind turbine

1. The fan is directly driven by external rotor motor, with high transmission efficiency. The rated power supply of the motor is three-phase 690V / 50Hz, the protection grade of the motor shell is IP54, the insulation grade is f, the cooling mode is natural cooling ic0041, the operating ambient temperature is not higher than 50 ℃, the altitude is not greater than 4000 meters, and the relative humidity is less than 90%.

2. The fan shell adopts steel plate welding with high strength. The impeller adopts forward multi wing impeller, which has the characteristics of large flow, low noise and high efficiency. The installation base, lifting lug, air inlet protective net, junction box, thermal protection and other configurations can be set according to the customer's requirements. All parts are painted with three layers, with strong anti-corrosion performance.

3. Adopt standard high-quality bearings to improve the fault free operation time.

4. Accept special customization from customers.