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YDF series centrifugal fan

1. YDF single volute series centrifugal fan adopts Y series motor single shaft direct coupling drive.

2. The fan shall be applied in a place free of corrosive gas, acidic, alkaline and combustible gas; The dust particles shall be used in the gas environment with no more than 150mg / m3.

3. The products are made of high-quality galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet. The parts are molded, and the general assembly is carried out in a flow process. The impeller of the main parts adopts the advanced rolling process.

4. The fan is dedicated to train air conditioning and is also applicable to other air conditioning units.

5. The product is Electromechanical, with reasonable structure, small volume, low noise, high efficiency, long service life, safe and reliable use, etc.

6. The performance of the fan in this sample refers to the performance under the standard state. That is, atmospheric pressure PA = 101.325kpa, gas temperature T = 20 ℃, gas density ρ= 1.2kg/m3。

7. Please indicate the fan model, material and special requirements when ordering.