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DWZ series external rotor axial fan

DWZ series external rotor axial fan is a new type of axial fan with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company. The utility model is characterized in that the motor is an outer rotor motor, the blade and mesh cover are directly fixed on the motor, the structure is compact and the installation is convenient; The fan blade design and installation comply with the aerodynamic principle, with high efficiency and low noise. It can be widely used in the fields of refrigeration, heat exchange and ventilation, as described below:

一 . Fan model description

二 . Product structure and description

  The axial flow fan shown in Figure 1 is composed of an outer rotor motor, blades, a mesh cover, a shroud and other parts.

1. The protection grade of the external rotor motor is IP44 and the insulation grade is F. the rotor is die-casting aluminum alloy, with compact structure, convenient installation and beautiful appearance.

2. The impeller blades 4.0-6.3 # are made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate and 7.1-8.0 # are die-casting aluminum alloy. The design conforms to the aerodynamic principle and is directly fixed on the rotor. The balance accuracy grade is G5 6。

3. The deflector is made of cold-rolled steel plate (provided by the user), which can improve the efficiency of the fan.

4. The mesh cover is welded with steel wire and directly fixed on the motor to protect the fan.

5. The surfaces of motor, blade, net cover, guide cover and other parts are painted and sprayed with plastic to increase anti rust and anti-corrosion protection.

三、 Product installation instructions

  1. This series of fans are installed in two forms: free suction and free exhaust. The requirements are shown in Figure 2 and figure 3:

四、 Description of technical parameters

1 .  The data listed in the sample are measured under standard conditions, i.e. atmospheric pressure = 101.325kpa, gas density = 1.2kg/m3 and gas temperature = 20 ℃.

2 .  The fan noise shall be measured on the axis of the air inlet and one meter away from the air inlet according to the national standard.

3 .  The power, current and speed of the motor are rated.

4 .  The working ambient temperature of this series of fans is - 30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃.

五、 Ordering instructions

Please indicate the following when ordering:

-Complete fan model

-Installation position

-Air inlet direction

-Is there a protective net or shroud

-Ambient temperature

-Relative humidity of air

-Installation location (humid air or outdoor)

-What stimulating chemicals are present in the air

六、 According to the user's requirements, the following special items can be provided:

-Special voltage and frequency

-Non standard junction box

-Separate protective cover

-Extended cable

-Low temperature bearing

-Special coating (varnish or paint)