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Dt-ke frame horizontal drive fan

  1.Fan model description


2. DT series fan is driven by Y Series Motor V-belt, which adopts standard high-quality bearings to improve fault free operation time. The belt drive is a strong V-belt, and the pulley adopts cone sleeve tensioning structure, which is very convenient for adjustment, installation and maintenance.

3. The fan has two kinds of mounting seats: omni-directional seat and frame seat, and is divided into DT single machine, DT double machine and DT ordinary drive installation.

4. The fan shall be free of corrosive gas; It does not contain acidic, alkaline and combustible gases; The dust particles shall be used in the gas environment with no more than 150mg / m3. There are two types of installation: common and other. The common forms are shown in the figure: 

5. The products are made of high-quality steel plate plastic sprayed or electro galvanized plate, the parts are molded, and the general assembly line is operated. The main parts are made of advanced processes such as impeller rolling, volute undercut, tox riveting connection and so on.

6. The fan outlet angles of 0 °, 90 °, 180 ° and the belt drive form of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation can be used interchangeably to meet the user's selection requirements of any flow and total pressure within the range of fan use.

7. The fan adopts forward inclined multi blade impeller, which has the characteristics of low noise, small volume, reasonable structure, long service life, wide use, safe and reliable use, convenient and fast adjustment, etc.

8. The fan performance curve is a single machine. Under the same pressure, the dual machine performance is: air volume × 2. Speed × (1 ~ 1.05), shaft power × 2.15, noise + 3.

9. Please indicate the fan model, mounting base, installation form, flow, total pressure, whether galvanized sheet, whether air outlet is configured and special requirements.

10. Other installation forms and special purpose fans can be designed according to user requirements.