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DDF single inlet motor direct connected forward multi wing centrifugal fan

  1. Fan model description

  2.The common installation and transmission forms of fans are shown in the figure below:

3. The fan shall be used in a gas environment without large corrosive gas, acidic, alkaline and combustible gas, and dust particles not greater than 150mg / m3.

4. The products are made of high-quality steel plate sprayed with plastic or galvanized plate, the parts are molded, and the assembly line is operated. The main parts adopt advanced processes such as impeller rolling, volute undercut, tox riveting and so on.

5. The fan adopts a forward inclined multi blade impeller with low noise and small volume. The product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, long service life, wide use, safe and reliable use, convenient and fast adjustment, etc.

6. DDF series fan adopts Y series motor direct drive, which is a single air inlet structure (only one air inlet), equipped with special connecting flange, which can be directly connected with the air inlet pipe to save installation space.

7. The performance of the fan in this sample refers to the performance under the standard state. That is, atmospheric pressure: 101.325kpa, gas temperature: 20 ℃, gas density: 1.2 kg / m3. The performance parameters listed in the technical parameter table are parameters in the normal operation area of the fan (i.e. the red shaded part in the performance curve).

8. When ordering, please indicate the fan model, installation form, flow and pressure, whether it is galvanized sheet, whether it is equipped with air outlet flange and other special requirements.

9. Other installation forms and special purpose fans can be designed according to user requirements.