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KT series centrifugal fan

  1. Fan model description:


  2. The fan can be installed in common and other forms, and the common forms are shown in the figure:

3. KT series fan is a new product developed according to the market demand on the basis of DW series fan. The product is mechatronic and has reasonable structure. It has the characteristics of small volume, low noise, high static pressure, wide efficient area, long service life, wide application, variable speed, CCC certification, safe and reliable use, etc.

4. The products are made of high-quality steel plate plastic sprayed or electro galvanized plate, the parts are molded, and the general assembly line is operated. The main parts are made of advanced processes such as impeller rolling, volute undercut, tox riveting connection and so on.

5. Adopt standard high-quality bearings to improve the fault free operation time.

6. The fan is installed with omni-directional base, which is easy to adjust and suitable for installation places with different needs.

7. Please indicate the fan model, installation form, whether galvanized sheet and other requirements when ordering.

8. Other installation forms and special purpose fans can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

Note: the company reserves the right to modify the performance parameters and structural dimensions of the fan without notice at that time.